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We have helped over 200 clients solve environmental, health and safety challenges. Here’s what they are saying.

"Thanks - really appreciate all the hard work you and everyone at Resource put in to get this to the finish line."

"Thank you very much for your professionalism and prompt response to our issue. I have to tell you that, as busy as I've been, it's very comforting to know that if we have a problem such as this, I can make a phone call and be totally confident that it will be handled correctly and with all due diligence and speed. This was my first experience dealing with something like this on my own, and you folks made it easy! Glad I have you on my speed dial!"

"Resource was able to bid competitively against some of the lower price 'service' providers that I have used in the past, yet the customer service that Resource provided has exceeded the level of service of any of the higher price companies I have dealt with in the past."

"Thanks for the quick pickup. It will help with the needed storage space in the warehouse."

"This was a technical and challenging remediation project, considering the pathway of migration, active above ground and underground utilities, along with containment barriers; whereby this approval would not have been possible under the 90-day time frame without thinking outside of the box. Thank you Resource for your expedient response, attention to detail, hard work and a job well done!"

Dear Jerry:

33 1/3 RPM has utilized the services and support of Resource for almost two years now. This letter serves as a letter of reference for Resource and their contribution to the efforts by 33 1/3 RPM to minimize hazardous waste and provide environmentally safe disposal. I have worked with Resource personnel and have always found them to be prompt, courteous, very professional and knowledgeable in relation to my needs and the service we require. 33 1/3 has also utilized Resource services on special environmental, health, and safety projects and in doing so saved both time and money.

I commend Resource for their professionalism, knowledge, and service. I would recommend your company to anyone in need of environmental, health, and safety services.

Thank you again for all your work.

As a health, safety and environmental manager for over 25 years, I highly recommend Resource Environmental Management Inc. They have high standards in both the environmental and safety and health areas. Their training is comprehensive and tailored to meet any company’s needs, while maintaining compliance with regulations. Whether it be air sampling, permitting, waste removal or training their pricing is fair and their integrity is beyond reproach.

Resource fills a need in Northeast Pennsylvania as a local company that can respond nationally if requested. I highly recommend Resource Environmental as being one of the best small environmental companies in the region.

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