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Remediation refers to the process of reversing or stopping environmental damage. When a site characterization reveals that unacceptable risks from a contaminant are present at a site, this process may be warranted. During environmental remediation, pollution and contaminants are removed from a site’s soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water to ensure that they don’t negatively impact human health or the environment. To make sure that you complete this process correctly, complying with all applicable regulatory requirements, it is important that you work with a consultant who is an expert in environmental remediation services.

Since 2002, RESOURCE has been providing a diverse range of remediation services to energy companies, industrial facilities, commercial property owners/developers, public entities, and general contractors. Our experience includes a broad range of site conditions, innovative technologies, and a long list of sites that have been successfully remediated.

We focus on rapid identification of the extent of contamination in soil, sediment, surface water, or ground water as applicable. We are experienced in developing and interpreting remedial action levels for hazardous constituents addressed by different regulatory programs.

…an outstanding reputation.

We pride ourselves on taking a practical approach to site investigations and moving the project into the remedial action phase as quickly as possible if that step is warranted. Our demonstrated success in understanding our clients’ needs and in applying sound scientific, and management skills at a variety of sites and diverse facilities has earned RESOURCE an outstanding reputation.

System Operations & Maintenance

RESOURCE maintains personnel and equipment specifically dedicated to environmental remediation system operations and maintenance. Related services include routine groundwater monitoring, maintenance of dedicated field equipment, and oversight of specific technical indicators, such as recovery and treatment volumes.

Full Transparency

Handling environmental problems are never something anyone wants to deal with. We support our clients from start to finish. We have the extensive experience and a client-oriented approach that allows us to be strategic advisors and develop strategies without the guesswork. Our technical knowledge allow us to deliver specialized services with full-transparency across the entire project life cycle.

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