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RESOURCE’S mission is to operate based on a strong interest in a multidisciplinary approach to science.  This interest has given us the opportunity to operate a profitable business while protecting public health and the environment. Our business process affords us the opportunity to work with both individuals and industries.
RESOURCE has provided services to public and private exploration and production companies since the very beginning of the shale play in the northeast. More than 90 percent of our business volume comes from existing and returning clients – a testament to customer satisfaction. We have a strong foundation in Northeast, PA and will continue to provide the best services and client-oriented group of experts in the environmental, health, and safety fields.
Before RESOURCE became a reality, Jerry, a biology major from King’s College, launched his environmental career in 1987 in Philadelphia, PA and the metropolitan New York area.  In the early years of his career, RCRA, the driver behind an environmental policy, generated endless work and growth opportunities for people with experience in environmental management.  During the same time period, Dawn, an economics major from Lafayette College, was using her minor in mechanical engineering at her job in New Jersey. 
After a few years, Dawn and Jerry married and welcomed their two children, Emma and Romey; however, they found themselves juggling demanding careers and important parenthood. Like most young couples with children, time management became an issue, and before long, they realized that they had the incentive and drive to be self-employed. 
As a result, in 2002, Dawn and Jerry incorporated RESOURCE. The joint venture found Dawn identifying areas within the environmental field that fit her expertise and interests.  Realizing that northeast, PA showed a demand for environmental geologists, Dawn returned to graduate school at Binghamton University to complete her Master’s degree in geology. Afterward, her credibility grew in the environmental industry with her earning a license as a registered professional geologist.
The professional commitment between Dawn and Jerry and their combined expertise allowed RESOURCE to gain momentum among industrial, commercial, and academic clients. 
Settling in northeast, PA was not only a smart family decision, but also it was a smart business decision; RESOURCE found itself in the middle of the Marcellus Shale operation. Dawn and Jerry had the experience, knowledge, diversity, and expertise to become an instrumental part of the play.
Today RESOURCE has grown by their tapping a hard-working and local workforce that includes environmental geologists and specialists who are ready to answer the call (typically on the first ring). 
The future will find RESOURCE continuing to set goals for providing the best services and the most client-oriented group of experts in the environmental, health, and safety fields.