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Key Staff

Dawn Washo, P.G.
Licensed Professional Geologist (ASBOG Tested)

Dawn co-founded RESOURCE in 2002 and is currently the Director of its geological group. Dawn interacts with clients on simple and complex environmental remediation and regulatory projects. Prior to RESOURCE, Dawn held various technical positions in defense (PRC / Lockheed Martin) and private engineering and data companies specializing in productivity and data management software development. Dawn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Lafayette College, Easton, PA and a Master of Science degree in geology from State University of New York, Binghamton, NY.

Dawn spends time with her family and enjoys golf, skiing, running, biking, swimming, and travel.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: dwasho@resourceem.com

Jerome Washo, CHMM, REM
Vice President and Director of Operations

Jerry co-founded RESOURCE in 2002 and is responsible for client services, operations, and business development. Before RESOURCE, Jerry worked in the waste management industry as a labpack chemist and serving as the technical manager of two Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) in New York and Missouri. At least a couple of these years were spent in the field as a labpack chemist. Jerry has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology (chemistry) from King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Jerry is a family guy, a dedicated member of National Ski Patrol, and is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and the sport of triathlon.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: jwasho@resourceem.com

John Corbin
Manager - Environmental, Health, and Safety

John joined RESOURCE in 2012 and has developed expertise in the full range of RESOURCE services. John's diligent approach guarantees clients receive personalized attention, quick and thorough communication and fully scrutinized solutions to their environmental, health and safety needs. John works closely with transporters and disposal facilities to cultivate optimal waste management processes. John is responsible for the development and management of RESOURCE’s health and safety programs. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA.

John is an outdoors enthusiast and enjoys snowboarding, waterskiing, hunting, fishing and working on his family's farm.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: jcorbin@resourceem.com

Abby Taylor
Manager - Business & Client Services

Joining RESOURCE in 2014, Abby completes financial processing functions and facilitates project management. Having a comprehensive understanding of all RESOURCE business units, Abby is in daily communication with customers and vendors while also assisting with business development. Abby holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in public affairs from the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

Abby recently purchased an old farmhouse and enjoys fixing it up, skiing, canning, cooking, and traveling.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: ataylor@resourceem.com

Benjamin Rice
Geological Technician

Ben holds a Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wilkes University with a minor in Geology. Prior to joining RESOURCE, Ben garnered a diverse scientific background working as both an Indoor Air Quality technician as well as brewmaster for a large-scale brewery. He is a Pennsylvania-certified individual for radon measurement (PA DEP #3202). Through Ben’s interest in geology and RESOURCE’s commitment to cultivating an environment of continued education, Ben will be placed on a geologist-in-training track.

Ben continues to enjoy brewing beer from home, playing guitar, bass, banjo and backpacking.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: brice@resourceem.com

Christian Mondi
Field Technician

With experience with heavy equipment and interest in engineering, Christian is adept at providing field services to RESOURCE clients. In addition, Christian is trained in Auto-CAD and Rockworks and is responsible for generating site maps, soil and groundwater diagrams for remediation and consulting projects.

Outside of RESOURCE, Christian likes fishing, camping, hiking and woodworking.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: cmondi@resourceem.com

Robin Bunnell
Business Administrator I

Robin joined RESOURCE in 2012 and excels at meticulously managing large data projects. Robin is responsible for maintaining extensive waste tracking reports as well as preparing regulatory forms for RESOURCE’s customers. Robin works closely with customers to coordinate operational requirements, expedite project completions and collaborate on remediation reports. Previously, Robin worked for over 15 years for a large industrial company performing hands on technical and safety functions.

Robin loves spending time with her daughter, running, camping and gardening.

Office: (877) 747-6699

E-Mail: rbunnell@resourceem.com

Sho Technology Solutions, LLC
Technology Services Provider

Sho Technology Solutions, LLC provides RESOURCE all technology products and services.

Office: (570) 499-1888

E-Mail: contact@shotechnology.com